Business software for Bathroom & Kitchen Suppliers

K8 has long supported both the bathroom and kitchen supply industries. From the ability to integrate with design packages through to full visibility of what products you have in stock and where, K8 has been developed to make the sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing of bathrooms and kitchens as easy and effective as possible.

Easy to Use Point of Sale for Trade & Retail

It is important that your staff can quickly and easily make a sale in your showroom or trade area. K8 provides a quick and easy to use Sales Order Processing (SOP) module that allows your staff to check stock, get customer specific pricing and put a sale on cash or account that is then immediately sent to picking or goods collection if needed. The SOP module also provides cross-sell suggestions, or other parts that might be needed to complete the job.

Accurate Stock Visibility

It is important to know what you have in stock and, if you have multiple company branches or storage units, where that stock is. If stock isn’t immediately available, when deliveries are expected or what alternatives exist may also make the difference between an order taken or not. K8 enables every department to keep track of products and stock levels, whether it is the showroom or the warehouse. 

Business Intelligence

From sales to goods in, from managing your warehouse to servicing your customers, you will want to ensure your processes are adhered to and that you have an accurate and succinct view of your overall business, as well as a detailed view for every area. With user-defined KPIs, an integrated Business Intelligence solution, and a flexible reporting system, you have complete visibility of all areas of your business and can easily drill in to the details of each area, branch, sales person or product, with a simple click.

Whatever business system you have, you will still want to do business in your own entrepreneurial style, giving freedom to those that need it. K8 enables you to give the flexibility of pricing, promotions and offers to those that need it and enables managers, sales teams and other staff to run your business your way.

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