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We know that you have a constant pressure on efficiency and profitability, yet know that you must maintain exceptional customer service to build and maintain a loyal customer base. K8, our award-winning garden centre software, can help you manage sales, inventory and your finances, all in one integrated solution.

With our Integrated Garden Centre Software, you can:

  • Efficiently manage your inventory and stock levels, particularly key for seasonal lines where too much stock is a costly waste, and too little is a lost sales and profit opportunity.

  • Improve sales with a fast and effective Sales Order Processing module, that includes an easy to use ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale), pricing by customer, profit margin at a glance, and access to all of your customers' quotes and previous orders.

  • Have access to all your business information and KPIs, through the built-in BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting tools.

K8 can also be accessed through a browser enabling you to see your key metrics wherever you are, and sales to produce quotes or take orders away from checkouts or even at a customer’s site.

An easy to deploy eCommerce solution is also available using K8 Web Builder, enabling you to trade online and allowing your customers to self-serve on their accounts. With K8, you will have true multi-channel support ensuring you are maximising sales while providing an easier and more effective service to your customers.

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