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KCS Values


To understand what you as our employees, potential employees, stakeholders and customers should expect from KCS, we have a defined set of values identifying our culture. 

Our values were developed together with our employee’s ideas, feedback and opinions. These values tell you what we think is important, support us in decision making processes and in building recruitment and retention tools to attract and retain the right people.


We make a difference

  • We all have a part to play

  • We get stuff done

  • We learn and grow

We work as a team

  • We are supportive of each other

  • We respect and value others

  • We build collaborative relationships

We are customer focused

  • We do what is right for the customer

  • We add value

  • We manage expectations

We seek constant improvement

  • We share ideas

  • We strive to be more effective & efficient

  • We encourage creativity and innovation

We communicate effectively

  • We tell like it is

  • We value constructive feedback

  • We share our knowledge


M.A.D Awards


KCS values our employees’ hard work and contributions. We seek to recognise both individuals and teams within our Making A Difference (M.A.D) Awards scheme. 

Every other month, we focus on one of our values and recognise an employee or team for their contribution towards that value, based on nominations from employees. The winner is then presented with a prize at their local office.