Kerridge Commercial Systems' services can help to support your business

We know how busy you are when you're running your business. That's why we offer a number of ways in which we can take some of the workload away from you.  

All of our services are deisgned to meet the specific needs of the distributive trades and to help you get the very best from your software and systems investment.

Our services cover the full spectrum from project management and installation, to get you up and running; development, to ensure the system is exactly as you need it; consultancy and training, to ensure you always get the most from our solutions; and on-going support and maintenance, including full managed services, hosting and cloud solutions, to ensure that your system is up and running when you need it most.

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IT Services

KCS can provide a wide range of professional IT services, tailored to your business. Our experienced team of technical and sector consultants will use their years of expertise to ensure that your investment always achieves its full potential.

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Consultancy Services

Delivering a world-class solution for your business requires knowledgeable and experienced people. Our dedicated team of professional project managers and consultants have extensive knowledge as well as K8 experience to help deliver you a successful project.

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Helpdesk Support Services

To get the most out of any advanced business systems software, you need access to advice and guidance when problems or questions arise. We offer professional helpdesk support at whatever level your business needs to optimise efficiency across its operations.

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Business Continuity Software

We offer specialist business continuity software and services to prevent interrupting of your trading. Our expertise and advanced technologies help to keep your business up and running at all times.

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Business Hosting Services

We understand that the starting point for any online trading or eCommerce solution is to have a presence on the internet. Because of this, our specialists can offer you comprehensive business web site hosting services. This could be by deploying a website on your own web server or contracting for business hosting.

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Hardware Services

Computer systems are a fundamental part of every business operation, but they also require resources, time and skills to manage. By outsourcing your hardware provision to our experienced staff, you can save costs and leave it to our experts to supply and support the right hardware for your IT systems.

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Mobile System Access

Access to key business information anytime, anywhere is essential to keeping your business moving and trading. K8 Mobile Access brings vital data from your K8 systems to managers and staff on the move, through any kind of mobile device.

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Data & Telephony

Communications technology is a vital tool for the distributive trades, and a key element in the supply chain from source to sale. We can offer you the option of a reliable, resilient network covering both voice and data, across your warehouses, depots or outlets to meet your specific needs.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) e-Learning – a new resource for our customers that allows users to access high-quality training material via the internet at a time that best suits them.

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Product Development

Continuous and focused investment in Research & Development (R&D) is at the heart of the advancement of the K8 ERP solution. To ensure that K8 continues to focus on the needs of the distributive trades, over 40% of the company's resources are directly involved in on-going product development and improvement.

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