Barlows of Hermitage

barlows of hermitage

Peter Barlow, Managing Director

Challenges:existing system, business development, lack of data, system reliability, business efficiency, customer service

Barlows of Hermitage is a traditional, family-owned business supplying a range of timber and timber products including fencing, decking and gates. Trading started in 1867 in Shute Hill, Berkshire and continues today from its locations near Newbury and West Oxfordshire.

The company had outgrown its previous system, customer information was minimal and experienced system overload with the risk of data loss. Barlows of Hermitage had to become more efficient, do things faster and improve productivity. Three systems were shortlisted – with Kerridge Commercial Systems seen as the one that stood out – in terms of product, knowledge, understanding and responsiveness. An order was placed for a 10 user K8 SBE (Small Business Edition) system.

Gains and benefits

  • Throughout the system - opportunities to improve customer service

  • Visibility and inter-branch trading – optimises stock and delivery points

  • Instant access to information proving invaluable

  • Flexible pricing options and Order Margin Review controls profitability

  • Time savings from using automated suggested stock ordering

  • Supplier price import facility saves time

  • Excellent on-going support , fast and responsive

  • Future opportunities to extend system value and increase business, e.g. ecommerce



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