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Datawright rebrands to become Kerridge Commercial Systems

Datawright rebrands to become Kerridge Commercial Systems

3 April, 2018 – Kerridge Commercial Systems, provider of integrated software solutions for manufacturing, field service and distribution, announced today that Datawright has been rebranded as Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS).

Over the last four decades of steady growth and diversification, KCS has acquired several companies each coming with a different name, which has become somewhat complex to navigate. Based on much research and discussion KCS has decided to reduce the complexity of their brand by renaming Datawright.

“We are very excited to make this announcement,” explained Kevin Stalker, Software Director. “As we continue to grow as a group, it makes sense to have our people and products under one brand name. The Kerridge Commercial Systems brand reflects our commitment to remain at the forefront of technology for our manufacturing, field service and distribution customers globally. We will continue to focus on innovating and delivering market-leading ERP solutions – only now we are reflecting this with a strong, unified company name.”

UK headquartered KCS already provides software to 15,000 customers worldwide, offering end to end ERP solutions including Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Business Intelligence, ePOS, and more, specifically for the distribution, manufacturing and field service markets. The rebrand supports the company’s strategy of continued growth and follows five acquisitions during the last 24 months in the UK, USA, South Africa and the Netherlands.

The rebrand does not involve any changes to existing products. KCS believes that providing all of their services under one powerful brand will make them a stronger partner to their customers, enabling them to provide even more value to their own customers.

“The rebrand will have minimal effect on our customers. It’s very much business as usual. We will, of course, continue to develop our products and execute projects with the same level of excellence and professionalism our customers have come to expect. Going forward our strategy, values and vision remain unchanged.” Kevin Stalker, Software Director.

As the company transitions to the name KCS, they would like to thank their loyal customers for their continued support. This is an exciting evolution for the company. KCS look forward to growing their product offering globally, and are counting on the continued support of their customers.

About Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)

KCS provides advanced, fully integrated business systems, installation and support services for the manufacturing, field service and distributive markets. The company has over 40 years of extensive knowledge and experience of working with manufacturers, field service engineers and distributors across many sectors. The company’s class leading solutions are functionally rich and highly flexible.

The KCS product solution set has a track record of delivering wide ranging benefits including greater operational efficiency and cost savings, resource and asset utilisation, together with real-time information for management decision making.

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