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A Day in the Life - Richard

Development Team Lead (Gateshead, UK)

How long have you worked for Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

I have worked for the company for over six years. I originally worked for Datawright as a Graduate Software Developer until we became part of the KCS group.

Describe a typical day

As a Team Lead, a good portion of my day is spent ensuring my team has everything they need to progress with their work. This can include team or 1-to-1 meetings, discussions with other departments & managers and assisting with any issues that might arise.

The rest of my day is spent as a developer for the K8 software. I am involved in developing new parts or enhancing existing parts of the system, and finding & fixing issues with the software, testing my own work and assisting other developers/departments with their work.

What do you like best about KCS?

Almost certainly the people here are KCS. It is always an enjoyable environment to work in – everyone is friendly and there is always someone willing to help with anything you need.

The work is very enjoyable too! Writing a new piece of software that you know a customer is using, and likes – well it’s a great feeling. Developing ERP software is one of those things that is far more interesting than it sounds – an enjoyable challenge!

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

Never be afraid to ask questions. Remember that everyone struggles at times, and it is always preferable to ask someone who knows.

KCS breeds a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, and even recent starters can quickly become the go-to-specialist in a key area of the system. It’s not uncommon for someone who has worked for KCS for 20 years to ask a relatively new starter how to use a new part of the system.

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