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Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Improve efficiency and productivity

If you are managing a large, busy warehouse, relying on paper flow and manual data entry can easily slow down productivity. Record accuracy may be compromised causing additional challenges. We understand that although you want to stay in control, it is increasingly essential to automate key processes, eliminate duplication and streamline workflows. We also believe your staff may appreciate being able to take away the burden of time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Our fully integrated solutions are designed to make things much easier and help you optimise stock levels. From goods receipt to despatch, capabilities are structured to optimise workflow; operatives are guided through every task for maximum efficiency. Put away, replenishment, pick and stock movements become seamless. Furthermore, receipts are immediately available for processing, sales orders submitted and fulfilled as required including picking by vehicle load for route planning.

With a solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), your warehouse operation could be positioned to run more smoothly and more efficiently. Being ready to adapt to meet changing requirements may be equally important.


  • Optimise workflows including operative skill and equipment allocation

  • Use integrated hand-held devices - save time, reduce risk of errors

  • Automated processes - receipt, put away, pick, replenish, stock movement

  • Operatives directed to pick bins or bulk, pick to box or container if required

  • Cross dock facilities enable fast receipt – despatch turnaround

  • Improve warehouse capacity, inventory visibility and stock counting processes

  • Create multiple warehouse zones - define bulk and pick bins

  • Automated replenishment of inventory from bulk to pick face

For more information about how a KCS solution could transform your warehouse operation, contact us today.

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