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Rebates and Pricing

Pricing and Rebates

Complete flexibility and control

Pricing is an integral part of running any business, particularly when you are managing hundreds, or more likely thousands of products, and competitive pressures are more demanding than ever. We appreciate that getting pricing right is much more complex than simply adding a mark-up and expect margins to take care of themselves. There are, for example, multiple customer-specific terms and rebate agreements. Your computer system needs to be flexible and adaptable for an ever changing situation.

Our fully integrated solutions incorporate an extensive range of pricing and rebate functions, which not only enable you to implement your own pricing policy, but incorporate all you need to monitor and control margins for your business model. Rebates can be structured based on sales or purchasing criteria, with or without supplier support. Capabilities also include multiple terms per customer, management authorised overrides, permissions and access.

With a solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), your business will be able take full advantage of these powerful and flexible pricing tools. Your customers will also appreciate the benefits.


  • Flexible pricing options: national, regional and local specific
  • Fully integrated rebate and claims management
  • Multiple and flexible rebate schemes and scheduling options
  • Rebate terms for individual and/or groups of products
  • Spot rebates – one off/time/quantity limited
  • Full transaction visibility – orders raised and received
  • Comprehensive rebate management reporting

For more about how the KCS Pricing and Rebate solution could help your business to compete more successfully, contact us today.

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