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Delivery Management

Cutting Edge Delivery Management Software

Our ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) software is a cutting edge cloud-based mobile workflow solution that can transform your business by connecting your drivers or couriers in the field, with your back office.

Your drivers can get all of the information they need to ensure drop completion, while your back office managers get a complete end-to-end picture of individual shifts. All this is done in real time which reduces the chance of errors in your reporting.

The delivery management software integrates the full capabilities with a hosted, real-time communications platform complete with a dedicated workflow application that resides on your driver’s handheld device.

The solution enables you to push delivery manifests to drivers; prompt your drivers through their daily tasks enforcing compliance; receive real-time updates on individual deliveries; and once the manifest is complete, receive a manifest summary or debrief.

Why choose our Delivery Management Software?

  • Fully integrated – it can be used alongside other modules such as warehouse management and stock control

  • Real-time delivery updates - in seconds, information can be uploaded from your driver’s handheld device into the back end system

  • Gives your back office managers a complete end-to-end picture of individual shifts

  • Compliant with COSHH regulations

  • Managed service - the solution is provided as a managed service which removes the burden of managing the technology and fielding support calls from your workforce.

To find out more about our ePod software, download our brochure or request a demo today.

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